Testimonial Alumni AKPAR Pertiwi

1. Maksum Achsan Damanik


2. Afrizal Berd Aditya

Afrizal Berd Aditya

My first impressions during studying at AKPAR PERTIWI were I was in good hands as a transfer student, and the curriculum at the time was quite adequate. And guided by good faculty lecturers. Two days after graduation party I started my career in JW. Marriott as a banquet casual. And I got promoted as a permanent staff on February 2nd 2005 as a banquet waiter. After that I moved to Sailendra coffee shop and raised as a captain in Sailendra. And then I moved again to Asuka Japanese Restaurant, raised as a supervisor and Assistant Manager in the same place. My position right now is as an Assistant Manager at Asuka Japanese Restaurant.

3. Wendri

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